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With Roadmap 3.0

Your Ultimate Guide To Digital Success

The Roadmap is a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Course.

Learn Business Development, Marketing Principles, and Automation.

Is This You.....?

Are You A Newbie In the Digital Marketing World, feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start?

Roadmap 3.0 is here to guide you through every step of the journey

As someone who struggled to navigate the complexities of Digital Marketing, the Roadmap Course helped me gain the knowledge and expertise that transformed my online Business.

Join Roadmap 3.0 and gain access to a treasure trove of Digital Marketing Wisdom. From Mastering Social Media to Dominating SEO, this course covers it all, empowering you to succeed online.

This is for you if...

You want to become

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You want to end the

9-5 Grind!

You want to work

from anywhere!

You are tired of struggling and feeling stuck!

Want to start your own online business!

You may be thinking "But I'm new to Digital Marketing -can I really do this?"

Absolutely! Roadmap is designed with Beginners in Mind with easy-to-follow steps that empower you to succeed.

Here is what You will Learn

With Roadmap 3.0 You are not just getting Theory- You are getting actionable strategies that deliver real results.

  • Foundation of Business
  • Mission/Vision Statement
  • Optimizing Sales
  • Content Strategy
  • Branding Your Business
  • S.E.O.
  • Email Marketing
  • Success Mindset

Course Outline

Stage 1: Foundation

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Digital Entrepreneurialism
  • Module 2 - Understanding Your Niche
  • Module 3 - Building a Solid Business Base
  • Module 4 - Tailoring a Business to Your Visiion
  • Module 5 - Branding Essentials

Stage 2: Automation

  • Module 6 - Introduction to Business Automation
  • Module 7 - Option 1 - Stan Store
  • Module 8 - Option 2 - Systeme.io - Build Your Own Funnel
  • Module 9 - Option 3 - Systeme.io - Pre-built Funnel
  • Module 10 - Email Marketing Mastery
  • Module 11 - Email Marketing with Stan Store
  • Module 12 - Email Marketing with Systeme.io

Stage 3: Driving Traffic

  • Module 13 - Sales Strategy and Content Creation
  • Module 14 - Tik Tok
  • Module 15 - Facebook
  • Module 16 - Instagram
  • Module 17 - YouTube
  • Module 18 - Pinterest
  • Module 19 - LinkedIn
  • Module 20 - Blogging
  • Module 21 - Video Editing with CapCut
  • Module 22 - Affiliate Marketing

Stage 4: Build Your Offer

  • Module 23 - From Idea to Market Ready Product
  • Module 24 - Creatives with Canva
  • Module 25 - How to Build a Written Digital Product
  • Module 26 - How to Build a Video Based Digital Product
  • Module 27 - How to Build Your Course on Skool
  • Module 28 - How to Host Your Course on Kajabi

Stage 5: Scale with Customer Service

  • Module 29 - Organization and Importance of Customer Lifetime Value
  • Module 30 - The Downloads




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Frequently Asked Questions


An online Marketing and Business Training. Our digital product is a Business Training teaching you how to Market a business the correct way, put your business on auto-pilot, and create high converting content to your offer.


The digital product is what you can sell for 100% profit. This product was created with you in mind and we grant YOU the Master Resell Rights to it. Which means with the purchase of your product you also get the full resale rights to sell it as your own for 100% profit.


Master Resell Rights. True MRR products allow you to buy a digital product ONE Time and Resell that same product as your own for 100% profit. You DO NOT have to create the product because we already created it for you.


YES. Your customers are welcome to access all the training modules, all the added trainings and the FREE community as well within our Kajabi Platform. You also have the ability to download each training module on your own devices!


NO. We pride ourselves on having no upsells. No monthly fees. With your ONE Time purchase, you receive the digital product business training, and a Free community of like-minded individuals. Your customers pay YOU directly, we never take a dime when you resell it.


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